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 Negara Pengeluar Minyak

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PostSubject: Negara Pengeluar Minyak   Thu Sep 04, 2008 12:22 pm

Our petrol price is much cheaper compare to neighbouring country. Increment of oil price can't be avoid. Citizen should change lifestyle.this is the statement that we've been listening to.

Our oil price still cheaper compares to Singapura, Thailand and some other country. But of course can we compare to other oil country which also produces oil? Perhaps Iran(0.35), UAE (1.19), Arab Saudi (0.38), Venezuela (0.16), Mesir (1.03), Bahrain (0.87), Qatar (0.68) , Kuwait (0.67), Nigeria (0.32) .

Jangan fikir rakyat Malaysia bodoh dan mudah diperdayakan dengan fakta dan perbandingan yang tidak tepat.

We can't afford to be subsidise yet we can afford to send somebody to SPACE.Well, at least we had RUSSIAN JET and own submarine. Life aint that bad after all. lol!

So LET's smile together and scream proudly this BOLEHLAND..
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Negara Pengeluar Minyak
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